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A Walk Around Deserto

This is a pleasant and not over strenuous walk . It may not have the "wow" factor of say the Sirenuse Trail or the Giro di Santa Croce, but it is ideal if you want a bit of exercise and have a limited amount of time. It also has a fair amount of shade, so is particularly suited to the hotter months.

It starts off from Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. Set off from the church walking down the main street passing Hotel delle Palme and the Agip Petrol station until you come to a junction. Turn right and walk down the road for about 50 metres until you come to Route 66 restaurant . Follow the lane behind it (via Fonte Canale) which will bring you to via Canale and the ancient washhouse.

Continue down the lane until you come out onto the main road by the church of Pastena. (15 minutes). Continue along the main road until you see a right fork indicating Acquara. Take this road passing under the arch. Keep on walking until you come to a turning off right called via Aragona. This goes uphill for several metres before becoming a narrow lane with crumbling dry-stone walls on the righhand side. It will bring you out onto the road to Acquara. Turn right along this road and you will soon come to the village church (San Vito). (30 minutes)

Follow the asphalted narrow road to the left of the church (via Colli Acquara) and as you proceed you will have views of Massa Lubrense and the Bay of Naples.

At the end of the lane, turn right up a steep paved road for about 50 metres before turning sharp left onto a dirt-track (45 minutes). This quickly narrows and brings you into a chestnut wood.


Departure Point -  Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi


Type - loop


Distance and difficulty - 5.2 km, 120m elevation.Mostly on paved lanes and dirt tracks. Easy with just a couple of short steeper stretches.


How to get there - SITA bus from Sorrento/S.Agata/Massa Lubrense or by car. If by car, there is a car park behind the chemist's and another past the church (pay and display).


Useful info - starting and ending in Sant'Agata, you can stock up on water/snacks there. The second part of the walk is in the shade.


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Keep to the main path until you come back out into the open. Continue to the end of the track where it turns sharply left down a very steep paved lane.(60 minutes). Half way down the slope you will have views of Sorrento and Faito.

At the bottom of the hill turn right along a narrow paved road which soon starts going uphill and becomes once more a dirt-track. Keep walking along this with dry-stone walls to your right and terraces to your left.

You will come to a tiny rivulet. Cross it and follow the track which veers left, until you come to a paved lane (75 minutes). Here go uphill to the right following the track. You will see some paving stones and steps from the old original path. After about 50m it goes slightly to the left and takes you through another chestnut wood along the newly cleared stretch.  You will be able to hear the traffic from the main road below which runs parallel to the path.

The trail goes steadily uphill before flattening and coming out onto via Olivella where you turn right. (85 minutes) Follow the asphalted road uphill and where it forks, go left. It soon becomes another dirt-track.

Continue along this path in the woods until come to the outskirts of Sant’Agata with views of the church. The track ends and you continue along the road  going left past the gates to the  Hotel Hermitage. Keep on going turning right at the end of the lane onto another narrow road which will bring you onto the main street of Sant’Agata. (100 minutes)

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