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Praiano - Grotte Santa Barbara - Bomerano - Path of the Gods - San Domenico - Praiano

This walk has little that is flat. If you consider that we start at around 100m above sea level getting to over 600m by the time we get to Bomerano, only to have to go all the way back down again, you will see what I mean!

The path starts by the chapel of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli which is positioned in a little square with fantastic views of Vettica and the coast. To get there you will have had your first taste of uphill, cutting up from the main road via steps and alleys.

Passing to the right of the chapel, the path starts off pleasantly level with pretty villas and gardens right and left. You will come to a fork where you must go left. The path is now a muletrack going steadily and more and more steeply up the Vallone (valley) di Praia. The last stretch before the caves of Santa Barbara is very steep and over rock. If you have a torch, it is worth venturing into the crevasses in the rocks to admire the stalactites and the coloured rock face. From here the path is well signed and will bring you into Bomerano. A quick relaxing break, and head back out again, but this time following the signs to the Path of the Gods.




Starting Point - Vettica di Praiano


Type - circular


Distance and difficulty - 9 km. Approx 600m elevation gain and 600m loss, so strenuous. Path down to San Domenico from Path of the Gods is rough, steep and exposed. Over 1,000 steps from San Domenico back to Praiano. 


How to get there - Sita bus from Sorrento or Amalfi to Praiano (bus stop nearest to the church)


Useful info - Shops and water both in Praiano and Bomerano. There is also now a bar at the Convento di San Domenico, but it might not always be open.


More info 


- Landscapes of Sorrento, Amalfi & Capri (Julian Tippett)  segments 31a, 28a, start of 26a and 29.










Map Hike Grotte Santa Barbara San Domenico

Walk as far as the saddle Colle la Serra - on your way you will pass the Grotta del Biscotto with its unusual rusk-like rock formations, a magnificent, derelict house perched on a rocky edge and then the pinnacle. At the saddle take the lower trail (left, then immediately right down some steps). At the bottom of these steps, where the water fountain and the breath-taking views are, turn right (direction Nocelle). Keep on going for about 500m, past a house (how on earth did they build that?) and continue down the roughly hewn steps, trying not to get too distracted by the views. You will come to a minor fork. The Path of the Gods continues straight ahead. The path down to the Convento di San Domenico goes down to the left. It is at times very narrow, very steep and often exposed, so definitely not for people suffering from vertigo. Once you get to the Convento, should the church (actually called S.Maria delle Grazie a Castro) be open, go inside and have a look at the frescoes. More splendid views of the coastline and the perfect place for a picnic. Set off again down the many steps (well-built and with handrails) back to Vettica.

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