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Ravello - San Nicola - Minori - Ravello

If you are already in Ravello or Amalfi, this is a lovely walk right on your doorstep. It is perfectly feasible coming from Sorrento, although you will need to consider the time it will take to get to and from Ravello.  An alternative on the return stretch would be to walk directly to Amalfi from Minori, avoiding much of the steep climb up the steps back to Ravello, or you could even catch the bus from Minori to Amalfi.

With your back to the cathedral, leave the main square in Ravello along Via della Marra (opposite you on the right). When you come to a slight  fork, keep to the right along Viale Parco della Rimembranza. Go past Hotel Bonadies and  into Via Lacco, taking the first turning to the right which will bring you down to the main road. Here turn left and keep on walking. After roughly 800m, take  the slight fork to the right towards the hamlet of Sambuco. There is now a long stretch along the road, made more pleasant by the great views across the valley where you can distinguish the Convento di San Nicola perched on top of the hill.

Shortly before the village go down the  steps to the right. When you come to the rivulet, cross it and follow the path going gently uphill along the other side of the valley passing through shady woodland.  When you come to the saddle you can see the ruins of some ancient building up to your left. Approximately 300m further on you will come to a fork. The one to the right goes down to Minori,  the left one goes up  to the Convento.

There are great views from here, especially from the top of the hillock by the side of the church. An excellent place for a picnic. Return the way you came, but turn left at the fork. Eventually you will come to another fork and this time keep right (the one to the left goes to Maiori). Many steps further down, you will join the path linking Maiori and Minori. Go right.




Map hike Ravello San Nicola

Starting Point  - Ravello


Type - circular


Distance and difficulty - 11.5km, a lot of steps but no  particularly difficult stretches


How to get there - SITA bus from Sorrento to Amalfi and then to Ravello. Change bus in Amalfi.


Useful info -should you go by car to Ravello, parking is extortionate.


More info

-  Landscapes of Sorrento, Amalfi & Capri (Julian Tippett) segments 42 in reverse and then 5b.








There are excellent roof-top views of Minori as you descend even more steps. Minori has an impressive cathedral, one of the most popular cake shops in the area and a pleasant sandy beach, so it is worth pausing here for a break. Leave Minori walking along the promenade towards the right and then up the main road which turns sharply back on itself as it goes uphill. You will find some steps leading off to the right. Go up these, past the cemetery and  out onto the end of a road. Take the next flight of steps going up to the left, and from now on it is uphill and up steps virtually all the way back to Ravello.

Along the way you will come to the ancient medieval hamlet of Torello, now famous for its firework display in mid September to celebrate the Madonna dell'Addolorata di Torello. If you need to catch your breath. pause for a second here by the church to admire the views across the valley (you can again see the Convento di San Nicola perched on its hill) and top up your water at the fountain. Then continue on up the steps until you come out onto the road. Go left along Via San Pietro alla Costa continuing until the next main road, which you must cross and then continue up  and up until finally you will come into the main square of Ravello. You probably won't want to see another flight of steps for some time, but I can assure you that it is all worth the effort.

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