Sorrento & Sant'Agnello Urban Treks

There are 4 circuits, 2 in Sorrento and 2 in Sant'Agnello. The total distance is 9,5km which includes all 4 circuits as well as the 750m stretch linking the 2 centres (to be done twice, there and back).


The itineraries are almost all along public, asphalted, paved or cobbled streets, well-lit even at night. There are pavements along the busier roads, but most of the routes are through alleyways and along minor roads.


There are no steep stretches and only the Sorrento itinerary in the historical centre has a few widely-spaced steps (maximum 30m elevation!).


The main aim of the Urban Trek is exercise! However the routes are also a good way of exploring Sorrento and Sant'Agnello. You get excellent views of the Bay of Naples from the various view-points, and the passage through the lemon and orange  grove in the Sorrento Fuori Mura circuit is particularly pleasant.



Starting Point  - Sorrento Piazza Sant'Antonino or anywhere      you fancy


Type - circular


Distance and difficulty - total 9.5km, but you can adapt distance to suit you. Easy, very few steps and mainly completely level.


Useful info - mostly along pavements, however in the alleys  keep an eye and ear open for mopeds.


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