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How to get there - hydrofoil or ferry from Sorrento or Naples.


Useful info - there are public toilets (payable) down at the port,  just off the square in Capri Town, in Anacapri and also on the top of Monte Solaro at the chairlift station. Capri is renowned for being expensive - it is. It is also very expensive to get to, ferries being slightly cheaper but much less frequent than the hydrofoils.


More info

- Landscapes of Sorrento, Amalfi & Capri (Julian      Tippett)  segments 66 to 72.







Map Capri hikes

I am not limiting myself to a detailed description of just one particular hike, since Capri, once you get away from the port and the Piazzetta, offers a very different picture to the chaotic tourist centre most visitors see.

When we go to Capri, we rarely use public transport. It is an easy and pleasant walk from the port up to the famous square of Capri town, or if you want to go straight up to Anacapri, there are always the Phoenician steps! The latter, knees permitting, are equally as useful for a quick descent down to the port to catch the ferry back to your base.

I have several  favourite walks on the island:


Villa Jovis - walk up to this Roman villa through the pretty lanes of Capri town and wander round its ruins. At present it is only open in the mornings, so for the afternoon you could add on  the Natural Arch or go to Via Krupp (see below). Relaxing and easy. On map, red arrows at east end of island.


Monte Solaro - there are various ways of doing this and of varying difficulty, but we tend to take one of the 2 more extreme routes, via Anginola, (the other being Passetiello). This includes a short stretch up a rock face with the aid of strategically positioned chains...The first time I was terrified, although it really isn't as bad as you think. It is however definitely not for anyone suffering from vertigo. At the top it tends to be very overgrown and sometimes difficult to find the path leading to Cetrella where, apart from the amazing views, you will find the ancient church and hermitage of Santa Maria. From here you have another stretch going fairly steeply uphill to the top of Monte Solaro and the chairlift station, however it has none of the challenges of Anginola and the views looking back and to your left are second to none. Once there, you can walk back down to Anacapri following the path beneath the chair lift or branch off, walking along the ridge, often very steeply downhill, to Migliera and Guardia and then back to Anacapri. Blue arrows on the map.


I Fortini Borbonici - the Bourbon Blockhouses -  this route is quite different from the other two, offering a completely different scenario as it takes you virtually at sea level from one ancient blockhouse to the next. Once the island's watch-towers against the pirates' frequent attacks, these were  restored in 2004. In bright sunshine , you definitely need your sunglasses, as the sun reflects off the rocks and dazzles. In springtime the flowers and rockplants are amazing and along the route you will find pretty majolica tiles illustrating the flora and fauna native to this area.

The walk to the start and from the end of this route is not particularly interesting or even pleasant, being for the most part along the road, so here I would suggest using public transport at least one way. Red arrows on west coast of map.


Via Krupp to Marina Piccola - if you would like to fit in a swim, then it is worth combining a visit to the Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus) in Capri town, with a walk down to the small beach at Marina Piccola. Splash out on a drink, an ice-cream or even a meal down at the Marina before returning to the town up. Green arrows on the map.



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