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Capri seen from Athena trail




                                             A few things to be aware of


  • the terrain in this area is frequently rough with loose stones  making trails slippery. You need suitable footwear with a good grip.

  • there are often steep uphill and downhill stretches and sometimes a lot of steps.

  • Signage is not always great (there are generally way markings rather than vertical signs) and on some routes these may be hidden by the vegetation, especially in springtime.

  • TOILETS - there are no public toilets in the villages.  Generally the bars  will allow you to use their facilities if you ask nicely - it is good manners to make a small purchase (have a coffee!)

  • WATER is often not available for long stretches along our trails, so make sure you have enough with you. Some villages have public water fountains where you can top up.

  • BUS TICKETS need purchasing prior to boarding the bus. These can be bought at the local Tobacconist's and sometimes from bars. Make sure you then stamp them in the machine on board the bus. The exception to this is the bus going up to Nocelle and Monte Pertuso from Positano where you can still buy your ticket from the driver. 

  • AMALFI COAST BUSES - in high season the Sorrento/Amalfi/Sorrento buses tend to be full to bursting. The driver will do his best to let everyone on (sardine fashion), however sometimes this is physically impossible and he willl simply not stop or just allow a few people to get on. So calculate extra time for this eventuality. .

Why "Walk with us"?


The Sorrento peninsula and Amalfi Coast offer an amazing variety of hikes. I have been lucky enough to live in this area for many years and it has been my pleasure over the past 20 or so to explore and enjoy many of the trails, mainly under the guidance of the true expert, Giovanni Visetti, cartographer, hiker and retired walking guide.


I have created this site to share what for me has become a passion, in the hope that you too may be tempted to come this way.......


The routes I have chosen for "Some of the Best" are  my favourites and I will walk most of them several times a year, some a lot more often.

The descriptions are my own and highly subjective. They are not always detailed itineraries, since better and more professional versions are available both on Giovanni Visetti's excellent website ( and in Julian Tippett's first-class 10th Edition "Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri (Landscapes)" walking guide (Sunflower Books). Where possible, for each of the walks selected, I have added links or references to both. Almost all the maps are Giovanni's and linked  to his website. Many thanks go to both him and Julian for their support.

My itineraries are not necessarily the same as theirs - for example, I prefer to walk the Path of the Gods in one direction, and Giovanni in the other.


Flowers and butterflies are my other passion.  I have created pages dedicated to them. The flowers have sub-pages divided by colour to facilitate identification.


I hope you will enjoy my site and maybe one day our paths will cross.



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